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Walton, Maready and Goeckner Orthodontics

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This [Raleigh office] is such a beautiful office and great location. I highly recommend Dr Goeckner. My 12yo son was completely happy and comfortable with her and the staff so I'm sure our next 2 years is going to be great! p.s. I am not one to leave a review unless I really feel compelled and these folks were truly great.


- Gina Beach Blackley


I want to personally thank you for helping my niece who was visiting me from Virginia. You all eased her mind and nerves about a bracket coming off and that this kind of thing happens. You were able to temporarily fix the problem on a Friday afternoon when most orthodontist offices are closed. She was feeling so much better when she left. She also said "Auntie, they were so nice to me." I truly cannot thank you enough for the care and kindness you showed us. Thank you.


- Eileen G.


Dr. Walton is my 2nd Orthodontist and 4th consult on my jaw. As an adult with braces needing surgery/jaw broken she is the only one who has gone above and beyond. She is amazingly knowledgeable and takes the time to explain it all. She is compassionate, understanding and has taken the time to actually do what she says. The other 3 I mentioned all said they would help. Dr. Walton is the only to actually did it. She has taken the time to read my medical history, call the surgeons on my "in network" list and write the most effective, all inclusive letter for prior authorization. All doctors, in every field could learn a few things on patient relations. I am so very blessed to have found her. Not to mention how great my teeth are looking!


- Kara LaFrance


I had a minor emergency and even though I was not a patient the staff quickly squeezed me in! I really appreciated the top rate customer service!


- Melody Gay


Our daughter was treated by Dr. Goeckner for very significant orthodontic issues. The treatment required extraction of several teeth as well as substantial orthodontic adjustment which was concerning as a parent. Throughout the entire treatment, Dr. Goeckner did an excellent job of explaining the issues, treatment plans, and progress to us and our daughter. She provided professional treatment with very personal care and genuine interest in our daughter herself as well as the treatment. Dr. Goeckner assured us about the plans and instilled confidence that it would turn out OK. She earned that confidence as the treatment worked very well. Her consistently upbeat and positive attitude makes her a joy to work with and helps her to develop great rapport with children. As a result of our experience, we highly recommend Dr. Goeckner to anyone who needs excellent orthodontic care.


- Paul and Cindy Joss


Dr. Mary Walton is the best orthodontist ever! She did an amazing job on my teeth using Invisalign and with the use of a few regular braces on two of my back teeth in order to get all of them perfect. At every office visit I had very friendly and excellent customer service. All of the staff members are very knowledgeable about specific treatment plans and were great in patient education. I would highly recommend Dr. Walton and her staff for all of your ortho needs. I am so happy and now have beautiful teeth to show the world, thanks to Dr. Walton!


- Amanda V.


I cannot say enough good about our experience with Dr. Maready and her office staff. We recently relocated to the Raleigh area and had a son that had braces already placed. Being a transfer patient had enough complications, but we had a few other details that made for several other difficulties in taking us as patients. The office staff and Dr. Maready were so kind and not only did all that they could to accommadate our needs, but they extended their services well beyond what was necessary and made extra phone calls to help us locate a general dentist and an oral surgeon that might accept our insurance as well. I was so comforted by all the information that each staff member provided. I was especially so impressed with how Dr. Maready explained her plan for my son's orthodontic needs and the options she offered. My son (who usually leaves the orthodontist with a bit of a negative attitude) left with nothing less than a smile and commented at how gentle and nice everyone in the office was. This son is my third child to have orthodontic needs and without question Dr. Maready's office is my favorite experience. I love the cleanliness of the office and the kindness of the staff. I would highly recommend her as an orthodontist to anyone.


- Gail R.


Dr. Mary Walton has got to be the best orthodontist around this town! She took care of my children's teeth problems for overbites, missing teeth and alignment in a quick and efficient manner. She even completed the treatment plan even though she was no longer a provider for our dental plan. She is the best! Great customer service. When there were problems with the retainers her staff called back and scheduled us right away. Very kind, considerate and very to the point with the kids and how they were supposed to be caring for their teeth and ortho needs.


- Christina B.


We are using Dr. Maready for my daughters orthodontic treatments. She is a newer orthodontist in with Dr. Walton. SHE IS EXCELLENT! Great bedside manner, nice job explaining to parent AND child! Good technique.


- Heather H.


Dr. Walton is wonderful. She has taken great care of my oldest son, who is missing 3 adult teeth. (an upper front tooth & the 2 teeth on either side of the front teeth) After braces, she fitted him with a retainer that has "false teeth" on it which he has worn for the past 6 years. He is now 20 yrs. old & ready to proceed with bone grafting, due to bone loss and then the implants. You definitely want someone who has experience with HARD cases....not just someone who is cheap or cheaper. You get what you pay for.


- Carmela C.


I began my orthodontic treatment in December 2013 with Walton Orthodontics. As an adult who had braces earlier in life, I had an idea what to expect. Dr. Mary Walton and her staff have consistently exceeded my expectations. At each visit, I’ve had prompt and friendly customer service and the staff is very knowledgeable and efficient. I always get reminders ahead of scheduled appointments and changing appointment times on short notice has been simple and easy. The entire process has been a pleasant experience. My only regret – I wish I had started sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Walton and her staff to everyone looking for a positive orthodontist experience resulting in a great smile! This time, I’ll wear my retainers every night!


- Rick G.


Worth every penny! I have been seeing Dr.Walton and her staff for over two years and my only regret is I waited this long to get my teeth straightened! Office runs like a machine, in two years I had to wait only one time to be seen. The staff is friendly and professional, Dr.Walton is considerate and will accomidate her patients to the best of her ability. The office has Saturday hours and can take care of "emergencies" in a quick manner. I am taking both my kids to her as well...


- Rick G.


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